SCIO Wellness

At The Wellness Room Bedford.

Wellness MOTS
Allergy, Intolerance & Sensitivity Consultations.
Bioresonance no Smoking Therapy
InterX / Scenar Pain Therapy

Photo of Donna Samuels

Donna Samuels dip ITEC , VTCT, SFinsA, ThLA, CthA

Consultation forms and a three day food diary to be completed prior to consultation.

For Wellness MOT allow 2 hours £169

‘Allergy’/ Intolerance/Sensitivity Bioresonance testing alone (1 Hr) £99

Under 18s only ‘Allergy’/ Intolerance/Sensitivity Bioresonance testing and a 15/20 minute advisory nutritional consultation (1 and 15 minutes approx ) £119

Bioresonance Therapy Only Sessions £75 one hour approx.

Bioresonance No -Smoking therapy £120 - 60 to 75 minutes.

Where follow ups are required (optional) follow ups/reviews are approx 60 to 75 minutes @£75.