Wellness MOT


Wellness M.O.T
Wellbeing and Risk Assessment

 "Thank you to Donna for the excellent advice and support. Don't suffer, go and see if Donna can help you. Thank you for helping me to get my life back."

A full holistic Wellbeing and Risk Assessment combining a nutritional consultation with support from a Computer Bioresonance Session to provide you with an individualised way forward into improved wellness naturally including:


‘Allergy’/ Intolerance/Sensitivity Bioresonance testing and consultation'


Vitamin/mineral / digestive analysis


Biofeedback Frequency Stressor Assessment including Hormonal, Food Sensitivities , Toxicity, nutritional, hydration, digestive, body organs and systems imbalances and  bacteria, virus, parasitic and fungal risk frequencies.


Your risk areas assessed and prioritised.


Body Fat, Bodyweight, BMI , Blood pressure and muscle/bone mass /Basal metabolic rate/  Metabolic age bioimpedance indicators ,  and guidelines inc. where appropriate.


Individualised holistic care plan including Nutrition, diet , lifestyle and supplement guidelines

Consultation forms and a three day food diary to be completed prior to consultation.

For Wellness MOT allow 2 hours  159

‘Allergy’/ Intolerance/Sensitivity Bioresonance testing alone (1 Hr) 90

Under 18s only ‘Allergy’/ Intolerance/Sensitivity Bioresonance testing and a 15/20 minute advisory nutritional consultation  (1 and 15 minutes approx ) 109

Bioresonance Therapy Only Sessions 70 one hour approx.

Bioresonance No -Smoking therapy 99 - 60 to 75 minutes.

Where follow ups are required (optional) follow ups/reviews are approx 60 to 75 minutes @65.