Menopause Naturally Consult

Menopause Naturally

Combines a nutritional consultation with support from a Bioresonance Session to provide you with an individualised way forward into approaching the menopause naturally. Suitable for those wishing to cope with the possible symptoms and risks of menopause without the use of HRT or for those on HRT who wish to offset the risks and achieve better balance for coping with symptoms.

Covering nutrition, Stress, Bone/Osteoporosis risk, Hormone Balance Analysis, Lifestyle, Exercise, hereditary Factors, Toxicity , Other General Wellness/menopause risks and includes assessment for natural menopause supplements for best suitability.

Suitable for those approaching menopause, in peri-menopause or in the menopause . Extensive consultation forms must be completed and sent in before your consultation.

Allow 2 Hours    129

Where follow ups are required (optional) - first follow up 55 and subsequent follow ups within 6 months of previous appointment or Scio therapy only sessions 48.

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