InterX/Scenar Pain/Injury Therapy


InterX Therapy
provides pain relief for both acute and chronic pain assisting conditions such as:


Back, Neck or Joint Pain


Muscle Tension / Tightness


Frozen Shoulder




Post Surgical


Sports Injury


Repetitive Strain Injury


Other Pain Conditions







InterX Therapy for Pain/Injury + Stress/Anxiety/Insomnia

Interactive Neuro Stimulation (INS) therapy was developed by Russian Scientists in the 1970s as an offshoot of their space programme. They needed a treatment to keep cosmonauts in optimum health – but one that was portable, non-invasive and did not involve needles or drugs. 


The resulting small INS device looks similar to a TV remote control goes under names of Scenar and InterX.


InterX is a form of electrical therapy that uses micro-current electrical stimulation. When applied to the skin it works by mimicking the body’s own bioelectrical system. It restores the balance and kick-starts the body’s own healing process. The treatment can also work by energising the whole body at a cellular level. Recent studies show the InterX jump-starts and reignites cellular energetic processes leading to restoration of cellular health. The electrical impulses travel along the nerve fibres to the brain where they trigger the release of certain chemicals such as endorphins (the body’s own painkillers) and neuropeptides (regulators for healing, repair, inflammation ,hormones and mood regulators etc.). These chemicals then enter the blood stream and have an effect through the whole body. This advanced technology was also researched in the USA and the InterX device was launched there in 2005.

The therapy is now used routinely by thousands of medical practitioners, sports therapists, paramedics and hospitals in many countries including USA, Russia and Eastern Europe.

Client Pain/Injury Reviews:

“I had treatment for a damaged shoulder rotor cuff over a period of many weeks. Massage, ordinary physiotherapy and acupuncture gave me only pain and discomfort both during the treatment and afterwards. Donna suggested I try InterX,- What a relief. The sessions were relaxing and with no after pain. Relief was fairly short-lived for the first couple of times and then I noticed I was doing everyday tasks with much less discomfort. Now weeks later I feel my life is getting back to normal. With hindsight I wish I had taken up InterX much earlier”. (Ms PG)

“I heard about the InterX from a friend who had excellent results on pain relief for her arthritic shoulders. I had shattered my jaw 5 years ago and severed the nerve on one side of my mouth and had suffered severe pain and discomfort ever since. After 4 treatments my jaw felt much more stable ,the pain had considerably reduced and I was suddenly able to chew using both sides of my jaw. Most amazingly, as the treatments progressed ,I have noticed an increase in sensation in the damaged area.” (Ms J.)


InterX stress therapy can help switch the body from Sympathetic (Stress on) to Parasympathetic (stress off) . It can calm hyper arousal /overstimulation in the brain and central nervous system. A new EEG study demonstrates activation of HPA-axis and Delta brain waves- Delta Waves are associated with the very deepest levels of sleep, relaxation, meditation and peace of mind and these significantly increase after the InterX Neurostimulation stress programme.

InterX Stress/Anxiety Client Reviews

I found InterX to be a calm to my storm - the feeling of calmness when my head 5 minutes before was a web of stressyness - I Had a mini session and would definitely book for a full session(Ms PO).

“Donna felt that the anti stress/anxiety InterX treatment would help me & as usual she was right! After the 1st treatment I felt calmer (which was remarked upon by a close friend). I have had a couple of extremely stressful situations in the last couple of months & I have been able to cope with them so much better. I have also slept better & have felt more relaxed after the treatments.” (Ms EK)

National Press Quotes

“I am no medical man, so I cannot say for sure how much I owe to the machine. But put it this way, the day before I started using it, I did a 20-minute run on the treadmill and really struggled on level eight. After three days of treatment, I did the same run on level 15 and didn’t feel it at all.”   England rugby international Mike Catt in the Mirror.

For one of the most injury prone players in the sport [Dan Luger] … [the Scenar (InterX) ] provides some insurance against further damage… ‘I’ve used it for problems with my neck and groin and there’s no doubt it speeds up recovery’.”  England rugby international Dan Luger in The Daily Mail, October 2003.

“Widespread use of this device [Scenar (InterX) ] could save the NHS billions of pounds.”  Surgeon Dr. James Colthurst in The Times, 1999.

First Appointment with consultation
(allow up to 1 hr) 50

Single Treatments (up to 30 min appointment) 45

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